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Dropdown Navigation/Drop Down Toggle Issues


I am having an issue on the homepage of my new site when you are on a tablet down to a mobile device. When you click on the mobile circle button/hamburger menu a dropdown appears. When you click on the sub-navigation within the dropdown “Our Services”, another dropdown appears. However, when I go to click on “Our Services” to close the secondary menu it closes the entire parent menu and leaves up a hidden version of the menu so that if you click in that same location where your mouse was, the mobile navigation is still accessible but hidden? I have looked at all of my interactions and my classes and I cannot find out what is going on.

Can you please see if there is an error on the back-end or if there is some sort of interaction issue due to class names. I currently have a mobile menu and a desktop menu that are separate.

I have a feeling something is wrong with Webflow since my shareable link does not even allow my desktop dropdown for “Our Services” to work? But on the published link it works fine in desktop mode?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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