Dropdown Nav behind parent div?

Is there a way to make the drop down box from the mobile menu appear BEHIND it’s parent div? My Navbar is set to 999 and I set this item to 0 but I guess because it’s contained in the other it won’t work.

See my site in mobile mode.

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That’s a good question @NewYears1978 - i’m guessing the effect you are looking for is it to appear with the scroll graphic in front/overlaying ?

It’s definitely something you could do with Interactions 2.0 - so making the mobile nav invisible, and making your own custom mobile nav instead. As for tinkering with the native navbar element…i’ll open that up to the floor…

Yes exactly…I tried a few things without luck. I don’t want to mess with a new nav since it’s a symbol linked on all my pages already. It’s not a huge deal just a minor gripe to my analness :slight_smile: