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Dropdown Menu (sub menu) - Attributes change when switching to instead of div

Hey guys and girls!

I´ve got a Webflow navbar, and I´ve created a dropdown showing up underneath the navbars. (I´ll write the function for show/hide myself.)


The problem:
I´ve made the navlinks as div´s. When I apply a a link to it, it changes the style of the dropdown due to webflow´s code. Is this fixable?

It feels like a simple fix, maby my css/htlm skills are lacking here? Please help me here guys. Don´t want to create a work-around by adding pictures of dropdown´s or anything like that.

EDIT: Did I just solve it? I added the a-link inside of a div, and placed the dropdown in the same div as the a.

Hey pior, that looks nice. If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind outlining the steps you took to create your horizontal drop down? I’ve been trying to do something similar without much success. Thanks!

Hi, yeah sure. Is there any way to send one of those webflow links where the user get´s the webflow ui, but can´t change my design? @webflow

Go to your site settings and enable Troubleshooting Link :slight_smile:

Great, thank you!

Change .nav-toggle display from block to none. Go to your site settings and Custom Code on the left panel. On the right side there are 2 fields. In the second one called before </body> paste the following code:

  $(document).ready(function() {
      function() {
      function() {

Hit save and publish site. Give us a call once it’s done. You will probably be the first person with dropdown menu working on my script ;D

Wow, I´ve missed that option in the webflow ui. Thank´s a lot @bartekkustra

Sure thing. Give a message in this topic when you do that. I want to see this one in action ;D

Thank you very much @pior!

The script is already written and implemented by our developers separate from webflow. In the future, I will probably add it the way @bartekkustra showed.

The live site is now on:

Hey @bartekkustra

Can´t call you guys, I´m on the other side of the atlantic :wink:

I´ve implemented your code on another project:

It works. But the startposition is “opened”