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Dropdown in Navbar Styling Issue

I added a dropdown to my navbar but something isn’t right. I’m having a hard time with the hover over effect. I want the style to mimic the rest of the navbar but I’m not having any luck.

Can anyone help me out with this?

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Hello again @soulluciani,

I did this video to try to show you a little better how to style your dropdown, I hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions.


I was hoping to get the styling exactly like the other menu items. For example, on the menu items if you hover over the nav link the text changes color. With the dropdown you have to hover over the text to change color and then the icon doesn’t change color.

Can you think of a way to solve that that will allow me to hover over the dropdown div and change both the text and icon color?

Hello @soulluciani,

Yeah you are right, I just realized that the hover effect should work when hovered over the div block that has the dropdown, not just the text. That is odd behavior I just placed another dropdown to test the hover effect and it behaves like it should
You can see that hovering over the new dropdown changes the color of text and icon. So maybe there is bug on your dropdown, maybe it has to do with the interaction it has, I tried to delete it but didn’t help. I would suggest you to delete the dropdown and built it again with no interactions, just use the hover state. Please let me know how it goes.

Hi @soulluciani, just checking if this was still a problem, seems to be rendering ok on my end: