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Dropdown menu goes invisible in Safari

Hi when testing my site in safari my sub menu from the main navigation (desktop view) goes invisible.

The weird thing is that you can click where the links should be and they redirect you. Its quite major and i didnt pick it up until our client noticed it.

Its the sidebar menu with the dropdowns being find clinic, companion and farm and lifestyle.

Read only link:

Staging link:

HI @pdccreative

Thanks for posting this, this is definitely weird behavior.

I’m looking into it now with our team - as soon as I have more information, I’ll post back here immediately!

Thanks in advance for your patience with this issue.

Hi @pdccreative

Thanks again for posting about this. It looks like this bizarre issue was caused by some styles across 4 different elements. Can you please make the following changes?

Step 1: Navbar styles:

Step 2: Container 8 styles

Step 3: Nav menu 4 styles

Step 4: Dropdown styles

After you make these changes and publish the dropdown menu will show as expected :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Brando, legend!

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