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Dropbox Traffic Limits - Background Video - Alternative?

Hi all,

I’ve used the tutorial below to add a background video to my website.

It worked for a few days then I received an email from Dropbox saying my video has been banned for too much traffic. Here is the Dropbox explanation

So I was wondering if there is anything out there to host the video as an alternative?

I had the same problem & ended up uploading the video to the back-end of another domain i owned. Always an option assuming you’ve got plenty of bandwidth in your hosting plan :smile:

I use a AWS-3 Content Delivery Network, it’s mega cheap, stupid fast and limits to my knowledge:

Sign in to the console, then click on S3:

Click on “Create A Bucket”
Upload your files, then right click them to get the links from then once you’re done uploading. Those will be your links that you use. Sped up my site load speed significantly. :smile:

Let me know if you have any questions :smile:

-Waldo :slight_smile:


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