Drop down toggle current color

Hi there,
I have a drop down in my nav bar and I would love to use the same current color on the drop down heading and links underneath.
Here is an example: If I’m on the page “Onlineshop” the “Leistungen” should also shown in orange.
I don’t know how to explain better, but I hope you can help.

This is my website: https://www.advanced-studios.de/

I’m quite new to this, so a step by step guide would be appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @Louisa_Silberg, to accomplish this you can go to interactions and create an On Page Load interaction. Target that dropdown “Leistungen” and change the color. I would do the same for the other pages such as Webdesign, SEA, and SEO pages.

That way when a user goes to one of those pages - On Load - it will change the color to that orange.

Hope this helps, if not I will make you a loom. Cheers!

Oh my god! So easy. It took me forever to find a solution for this. Thank you so much @supji ! It works perfectly :slight_smile:

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