Drop Down Nav Bar Visibility Question

Is there a way to make all responsive drop down items in a nav bar visible vs. having to hover over the header subject?

Works well in desktop mode as is, but for mobile i feel it would work better with all links visible.


Hey @vinnie2727 I like to add some kind of visual cue like a drop down arrow. You could add a background image of an arrow icon that only shows on mobile for the drop down links?

@Waldo It’s not a visual cue issue. I was looking more for how to make everything visible from the drop down’s vs. having to hover. Does that type of functionality exist?

Gotcha @vinnie2727 ! :slight_smile:

Yes to do this you can go to the tablet view (if you’d like to start this for all touch screen devices) and select dropdown-list-wrapper element.

Head to the Styles tab, and change the setting to Display: block instead of display: none; the style out the nav links as you’d like them to appear at each breakpoint. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

@Waldo, could you check this again, via the link below? I seem to have lost this functionality even though the steps I took have were the same.


Hey @vinnie2727 I just took a look and it looks like everything is functioning correctly in the designer preview. Could you send over the live site-link to test please?


also, here is a quick video of what i’m seeing…

@vinnie2727 just took a peak and it looks like you still have the interaction bound to each of those drop downs. Unlink the interaction there and it should behave correct. (Be sure to also edit your static/hover state to make sure the menu doesn’t jump up and down on hovering each element (10px top margin removal should fix this).

thank you @waldo. Just curious, were you able to figure out the other issue I noted on IOS for Chrome, namely the flashing and the double loading on the footer drop down nav?

Hey @vinnie2727 that appears to be a Chrome iOS specific issue. I’ll touch base with the team and see if they know what is occurring. Thank you!

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