Draggable infinite slider

Hi all!

I’m having some trouble with the infinite slider. I copied custom code from this project. I’m a beginner in js and I’m planning to learn it soon but editing it on my own is way too complicated to me for now :see_no_evil:

What I’d like to change in my project:

  • get rid of the dot pagination
  • show the overflow content on the carousel (currently it displays only 3 images). I’d like to have similar experience to this website

Any help will be much appreciated :raised_hands:

hi @Justyna_Sieczka both websites you are referencing use Splide so you can look in Splide documentation as they have a draggable slider in demos and/or watch some tutorials related to this library if this will help you to understand how to build one. It is not too complicated.

this WF example uses Splide and it has YT video.

but feel free to find other sources.

Hey, thanks @Stan for encouraging me to dig deeper into the documentation.
For those who will face a similar problem to mine here’s my solution:

  1. I pasted the following custom code inside <head> tag:
.splide__pagination.splide__pagination--ltr {
display: none;
  1. I modified the code before <body> tag:
    perPage: 3.5, instead of 3 like it was by default