Download a PDF Directly to Browser w/out opening New Browser Tab

Hi All, I’ve seen some responses in the forum, but I’m having trouble following the solution to my issue. I’d like to simply have a PDF downloaded directly to the browser if the user clicks a link rather than open a new browser tab and use those settings. Is this possible? Can you help me execute?

Here’s the read link - Webflow - 83 Eagle Street

The link in question is the download link after you complete your contact info clicking the download button on the availability table. So, the user clicks the download floor plan link on the table, lightbox, they complete form, and after the submission they download their file directly (that’s the goal).

Thanks for any help here. Kind of urgent!

Best, Rob

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi rsotfer

Wondering if you stumbled upon a solution to your issue. I am facing a similar problem where I want the visitor to click and download a PDF. But I am not able to override the default browser behaviour.

Normally you would use the download attribute on the link. This only works on files that are the same source origin, which with Webflow using a CDN means nope, won’t work unless self hosting.

Why is it that I can have a direct download link to a Vimeo file or dropbox etc but not from the Webflow cdn?