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Don't understand white labeling

I have limited but generally effective web design knowledge. I am switching to Webflow from Adobe Business Catalyst and Muse. I’ve been able to work with Webflow effectively and I’m getting ready to host my first website on Webflow. I cannot understand the full scope of white labeling as it applies to my hosting plan.

I know what white labeling means, but I there is little information on Webflow’s site to explain how it specifically relates to hosted website’s. So here are my questions:

With the Lite hosting plan, will a Webflow logo appear on my website? And, will the Webflow logo appear on my form submissions, and if so where?

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.

Hi @t135

Welcome to Webflow and the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve posted some links below to hopefully explain it in more detail, but just to clarify:

There isn’t a Lite ‘hosting’ plan, the Lite plan refers to your ‘account plan’ (ie the designer, the tool, the amount of projects you can have etc)

  • Hosting plans are either Basic (static sites - no CMS), CMS, or Business

  • Designer/Account plans are either Starter (free), Lite, Professional, or Team

  • White labelling is only available on Professional or Team plans

  • However any hosting plan enables you to remove the Webflow badge from the site

  • Forms come from a noreply webflow .com address, unless you have a Pro or Team plan (see the third link - ‘must know’ section)

cc @Andrew @PixelGeek - to clarify any of the above

Hope that helps

Thanks that is helpful. I have a Basic hosting plan. Based on what you said, I should be able to remove the Webflow badge from the site while on the Basic plan. I don’t know how to CC using this forum.


Hi @t135

Sorry to confuse you :slightly_smiling_face: that was just me tagging (cc) Andrew and Nelson from the Customer Success Team to edit my post if anything’s incorrect.


Hi @t135

Also just to mention, you’ll see a ‘livechat’ feature when in the ‘hosting’ tab of your project - so if you need any help or clarification before adding hosting, the support team can help you directly there.

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Hello StuM,

Is the while labeling done on a project by project basis then? It’s not possible to have all projects under a Team account have white labeling as the default setup?


Hi @grantsenior

Best to clarify directly with the support team, as i’ve not used or been part of a team account before:

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