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Domain withouth www. still points to "old" Wordpress admin page

Dear reader,

Last week I’ve connected and published a new Webflow site ( for a client which previously had a Wordpress website connected. I took all the steps in connecting this with the DNS settings.

Now when I try to go to it directs to the new website. But when I put in the domain without www. it directs me to the old Wordpress Admin dashboard. Weird thing is that when I try this on my phone it does direct me to the new Webflow website.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Kind regards,

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Hi Yvan,

I think the problem is in your browser/computer cache.
For me both links load the Webflow website.

I have the exact same problem. @Yvan did you manage to resolve it?

Thank you @avivtech for your reply. You must have been right because a friend on a different laptop did not see this happening.

@Eivydas I have emptied my cache (Chrome) and now while checking I get redirected to the proper website. First time I’m checking after emptying the cache 7 days ago though.

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