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Domain Connected. Site says too many redirects HELP

Trying to send a project “live” and I’m getting the too many redirects error. Everythign is connected in google domains and I cant figure out this error.

site below.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Matthews,

If everything is saying it’s connected and published in Webflow, then the DNS might still be propagating. Plug your non-www domain name into this site and see if you are getting Webflow’s A records when running an A record search. Then check the www version of the domain and see if you get Webflow’s CNAME record when running a CNAME search. If you are getting the correct A and CNAME records then just give it some more time to propagate.

If you get incorrect records then you may need to double check that everything was input correctly. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the tip. I had matches for both. How much time do you think it takes? 2 days maybe?

It shouldn’t take more than 48 hours. Are you still getting an error?

i am - it shows fine on the dns checker ( but still isn’t working in minnesota

How did you solve this problem?

i had to set the main domain as the & publish it. lmk if that works!!