Does Dropbox embeded video consume our bandwidth limit?


I was watching this video to embed a video to our website but now I’m not sure if it will consume our bandwidth limit.

Since the video is around 100 MB and it’s the homepage, I wonder if a lot of people access it, it will pass our limit.

Nope. It’s direct from Dropbox.

First I would say that dumping a 100MB load on a visitor is well, excessive. You are better off streaming that then a video download.

A browser loads assets from wherever those assets are served. If they are off Webflow then you are only using the visitors bandwidth and the hosting source’s.

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If the video is correctly encoded, even a hotlink from dropbox is actually streaming it, vs. dl + play.

But you’re right anyway, big video sit better on a streaming service, served by an appropriate player.

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Got it. Thanks everyone!