Do you need to do SEO for your Terms & Conditions page?

I am doing the SEO for my page and I have completed everything. I am wondering if I need to optimise my Terms & Conditions page or if I should add code so that Google does not track this page? Thanks

I don’t think there’s a need to disallow your T&C page in Robots.txt. In terms of SEO optimization for the page, there’s probably not much you need to do beyond ensuring proper tags (title and header) are set as well as a meta description.

Hi @Titas_Bielskis

Do you user need to reach the T&C page from Google? That could be the case if your user have specific questions or you observe already some traffic from Google on that page (You can check from Google search console).

If yes, then please optimize the page for it. it will be so much nicer and user-friendly for you user to access the page directly.

I will probably not block google (Through Robot.txt file) because T&C pages are quite normal and can support your authority.

Good luck

No, and policy pages aswell as cookie pages should be no-index to reduce crawling budget.

Hope this is short and clear.

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