Do you create a Style Guide page at the start of each project?

Hi All,

I’m honing my workflow and I’m wondering about everyone’s best practice for styling at the beginning of a Webflow project. I’m talking about everything from headings to buttons, to paragraphs, to links etc.

I’m considering creating a single style guide page at the beginning of each project (I’ll set this to not be indexed by the search engines) and styling all the elements I think I’ll need in the projection on that single page with appropriate classes.

Before handing the completed project off to the client, I’ll delete this page.

How does that workflow sound? Does anyone else do anything similar or have any other tips or suggestions on a good workflow for Styling?


~ Carlton

I create when it helps with design admin.
That’s typically when;

  • I have significant Rich text chunks that are heavily styled and CMS bound - blog, articles, case studies, press releases, etc. Since you cannot style CMS-bound RTE’s much easier to have one on a hidden style guide page that can be styled.
  • I have modals, expandos, or other interactions-triggered content areas that are not convenient to style where they exist. Generally these need to be hidden at design time, so that the rest of the workspace is available. But they still need to be accessible for styling and editing.

I would recommend to learn about: Client-First Style System for Webflow by Finsweet

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I have a starter template that I use for every project I build. It has a style guide, default navbar and footer, page components, and default pages like Terms and Conditions and Privacy pages.

You don’t need to delete the page, it can be handy for clients to use to make changes throughout their site. I set mine to “draft” after publishing, which seems to be common practice.

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Thanks Michael, that’s really helpful, especially about the hidden style guide page for RTE’s.

Thanks so much for linking me to this. This looks like an excellent resource for me to dig into.

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Thanks Mark, I’m considering doing the same thing. I’m going to look at the Finsweet style system linked to by Sebastian and try and find the most effective way to set this up, but I think it’s a must.