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Do I need to put the classes every time I create an equal animation?

I have animation for my Buttons that animate 2 divs inside the bts, in the past i only need to select animation and I was ready. now I have to set the name of the sub-classes every time, is that right?


Also, wen I create the animation the next day it removes the class name and leaves that exclamation point (so i need to guess which is which)

i think is better explain in this video: (srry my horrible english, rsss)

Did you copy the component or interaction to use on another component?

I noticed that if I copy the entire button the animation works, but if I start from scratch I need to re-class all of them again (which is what I most use).

I think this is happen only in my case, because if it was another project I could copy the button and make adjustments, but in the project I have I need to keep the structure because the programming…

well, maybe is an idea to improve it in the future…

With that, it’s a little confusing on what your issue is. It seems you may be answering your own question :grinning:

Now if you get that “Exclamation” on the component. Go up to the beginning and click “Start an Animation” and it will delete it from that component, then you can add it again from the list and the exclamation mark will be gone.

yeha, is hard talk in english, i will make a video for better explanation.

I hope the video helps

Yes, I understand and you’re right in this example; IX1 is better for your desire steps. I want to phase into IX2 as well. To be perfectly honest, I don’t use the replace elements hardly ever, never for this reason you’re showing.

It’s so much easier, to find the element with the interaction, click hamburger dots, duplicate, rename and add other elements.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds a little off. But think about it, it’s easier down the road. I always look at “5 months from now, where will I be?” Probably not doing the same thing, and I’ll forget what in sam hill I was doing.

Duplicating and renaming to identify specifically with the “Link block, Button, or whatever”, when I see it, I’ll know what to do.

That’s what I would move towards as a systematic process. Replacing element all the time will become cumbersome and confusing later on.

Take a look at my collection site. Go to Multi Level Menu Section, and others if you want. I always copy the interaction renaming to 1 or 2, etc so I know what I did earlier.


Hope this helps. If you need to speak on the phone or do a join me screenshare, I’d be glad to assist. I know writing this out is time consuming.

this is the kind of mess I did not want to do … going back to IX1 … I did not understand what the great advantage of IX2? paralax?

Uhh… yeah I kinda thought that too. But after using both, I think it’s still a very good option compared to other apps out there. Hope you get done! Let me know if you need anything else.

You don’t have to do this anymore! New IX2 update coming in to the rescue! https://webflow.com/feature/reusing-interactions-just-got-way-easier

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