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DIV sections showing in Preview, but not showing when Published

Hi Webflow Community,

I’m having a trouble with large sections of a website I’m building for a Go Karting centre. 2 of my Section Divs are fully visible in preview, however when published - are completely missing. In addition to this, one visible div is cropped midway, with half of a completely different Div wedged into its second half.

I’m wondering if someone might be able to help me, as I’ve read through a bunch of previous posts, but none seem to have had this issue.

Section 4 Birthday Parties, and Section 5 Corporate Events are the two missing sections.
Meanwhile the top of Section 3 (Content Area) has been jammed into the bottom of Section 4 (Pricing and Deals)

Here is the published test page:

Here is my site Read-Only Webflow Designer access:

Do you have any idea why the missing sections are contained within a style tab?
Inspected your webpage and found this (the random style tag in the middle of the picture contains all your missing stuff).


I think I got it.
In your embedable HTML block, you have a stray style tag.

Oh my Gosh!! I cant believe you worked it out. That was exactly the problem - and once I removed teh stray tag, everything missing re-appeared.

I had been totally sweating it looking everywhere for the trouble code, but couldn’t find it.

Thank you so much Shawn! :slight_smile:

No worries :grinning:

One tip I can give for you to debug and identify such things in the future is to inspect your page with the Inspector (developer tools)

Will do! :slight_smile:

I had look into the inspector and could see that a bunch of of the content had become ‘glued’ together and wasn’t displaying, I just couldn’t find the cause at the time being a bit of a newbie with code. I can now see that unclosed tags in code embed can be the cause of such things.

Thanks heaps for your time!