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Div loses corner radius when "while scrolling into view" is applied

Having an issue with retaining corner radius when using a “while scrolling into view” animation.
The div that the image lives in has the radius staying and retains it when there is no animation applied. I am either setting this up wrong, missing something or perhaps a bug…?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

-scotty :nerd_face:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I just did a quick test on Chrome and Firefox and those browsers display this perfectly. So it seems to be a Safari issue. Answered my own problem, but this still does not fix Safari from not displaying those corner radius. :unamused:

hi @pippopz it is not a bug as each browser engine works differently, because you do not share read only link to be able see your approach I can’t help but you can try this method

Sorry about that @Stan, I did provide the link but it ended up as the “how to access the share link” link. Not very intuitive i know. I am going to see if that method you provided helps. Thanks for sending that through!

Here it is again

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