Distribute Collection List Items Down Columns -- Like newspaper

Hi all,

I’ve been laying out this CMS collection as columns in various ways, but I can’t seem I figure out how to lay them out so that there are no gaps between each Collection Item instance in the vertical columns.

I noticed they distribute CMS collection Items across columns from left to right and it seems like if I could just change that to run down each column it would have effect I’m looking for.

I’m actually not sure how to “continue” a list from one column bottom to the top of a next — as plain text or as a CMS Item list.

See gaps in link below.


Hey Sean, this is done using the Columns setting under More type options;
However there are a few changes you need to make first. Here’s a walkthrough;

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So late to seeing this and haven’t gotten back into this client project for a while but I am saving this link for when I do!! Thank you!