Displaying User Data

Hi everyone,

I’m familiar with web development (usually work with Next.js) and am building a Webflow site where users log in and update their profiles. I need to display their names, photos, descriptions, and social media links on a public overview page.

Struggling to find how to pull this user data into a page on Webflow. Any tips or resources for achieving this?


Hi Espen,

Webflow doesn’t have any support for server-side coding, so you can use any approach that circumvents that issue.

Build your screens, export your site, and then integrate it with your next.js app + data.

You could use 100% client-side JS long with an authentication system and a user data storage system, and build something against a Webflow-hosted site. For the auth and data, Memberstack is a great solution and has some member-data storage abilities.

There are some frameworks for building apps on top of Webflow-hosted sites. They’re targeted at nocode users but the best solution for many app-style projects today.

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Thank you for the thorough response!

I was hoping to find a more integrated solution that combines Webflow User Accounts with Webflow CMS. Any thoughts or suggestions in this direction?

Its not possible to achieve this with a native solution in Webflow…

The features of Webflow User Accounts are very limited…
They cancelled the development of new features for User Accounts earlier this year (same for Webflow Logic).

Its sad, but both of those features are basically useless for most cases :confused:

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You can use the SA5 User info lib to retrieve user custom fields, name, email, and a unique persistent identifier. The user can update their own user profile data on the /user-account page.

That covers basic read and write of user specific data. Anything at all beyond that, including “attaching” CMS item data that the user upload. ( Think e.g. an auctions site, where users upload listings ). you’d have to do a fair bit of coding and design work to build that on native Webflow. Almost certainly you’d need an external automation platform or your own custom API in order to perform the Webflow API transactions.

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