Displaying Daily Tasks Based on User's Progress in a 40-Day Program

Hello Webflow Community!

I’m working on a project where users go through a 40-day membership/program. Each user’s progress is automatically tracked, and the current day they’re on is stored as a CMS item associated with that user.

I’ve set up a CMS collection that lists daily tasks from Day 1 to Day 40. My challenge is to display these tasks in a way that is tailored to each user’s progress. Specifically, if a user is on Day 10, I want them to see the tasks for Days 10 to 15 (the next 5 days). This way, they can always see their current task and the tasks for the upcoming 5 days.

Is there a way to set up a filter or any custom code in Webflow to achieve this? I would really appreciate any advice or solutions!

Thank you in advance for your help!