Display time in user time zone on CMS collection of events

I have a collection of events here.

I would like to:

  • display time in user local time
  • send date and time via the form (at the moment it only sends date so if I have two events on the same day they are not differentiated)

I’ve understood I could use Moment.js for local time display but I have no clue on how to install it.

Whoever is getting this job, make sure to work with something other than Moment.JS. Even though it still usable, it recently got into legacy mode. (It’s not really smart to start a project with a legacy plugin)

There are newer libraries that do a better job than moment.js when we talk about good practices and functional programming. https://date-fns.org/ is a good option


I would like this to be addressed as well.

I assume you are storing dates in UTC but Webflow should provide the ability to have users view dates in their own time zone. At the VERY least you should provide a PST or EST at the end of the date format display options.

Is there a support ticket for this sort of functionality?

I wrote about how i implemented this here using native JavaScript, no libraries.