Display localised date and time

Hey everyone!

Is anyone aware of how I’d be able to display a time value localised to the user’s browser?

I’m working on a side project which shows you when upcoming DJ live streams are available, so I’ll be adding the time and date into the CMS - but it would be great if it displayed that time at the correct timezone for the user as per their browser.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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Hello Joshua,
You might need some custom JavaScript code for that, you can create the block and then use JavaScript to determine the actual time. I’m not sure that’s something you can do with Webflow by default. I’ve found the following link (http://www.onlineaspect.com/2007/06/08/auto-detect-a-time-zone-with-javascript/) which discusses it.
Sorry couldn’t be of more help!

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No worries! That’s super helpful - thank you :slight_smile: I’ll dive in a and try to give it a go!

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Hello Joshua, did you manage? I need this too now that my community is worldwide and I run online events.