Display-problem with Visibality

Hi Guys.
I have a presentation problem with the visibility. I have two Hero Sections. One for the desktop version. One for the mobile version (portrait).

If I disable the visibility of the “Mobile Hero Section” for desktop or tablet, the content in the “Mobile Hero Section” will be moved up. Why is the content moved up? It is the content from this section, not the content of the section below.
I just want to see the complete “Mobile Hero Section” only on the mobile version.
If I let them display everywhere, the content is displayed correctly.

I am desperate.

Share-Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/adflow?preview=ee9271431a30449719d4d17e965ae6fc

You have no attributes set for the div block on the mobile version. You need to apply flex or whatever attributes you want to get it to sit in the center.

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I tried it, but the content can’t be placed in the center.
Before I change the visibility, the content is also in the center (first picture).

Can you fix it with the only-read-link? And tell me how to solve the problem?

Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/adflow?preview=ee9271431a30449719d4d17e965ae6fc

Can i ask you why you don’t just style the desktop version for mobile?

Hi @Zerz, it sounds like there may have been some styling applied to the mobile hero section at desktop, and when the visiblity was turned off on Desktop and Tablet, the initial styling did not get inherited.

I was checking on this, but it looks like the structure seems to have changed somewhat, was not able to find the separate section blocks:

Let me know if you still have any issue with that, I am happy to take a look further.