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Display message only for IE browser

Hi people, I’m new here in webflow. I’d like to show warning messages on the top of website when user view my project with IE browser, and the message could be: To ensure the best browsing experience, we recommend you using Chrome or Firefox.
I checked the forum, there seems to be some answers which unfortunately, I couldn’t understand nor re-create the effect. Like the answer below:

I created a div and style it with white background, and embedded the code above, but nothing happened after I exported my code and open it with IE. I don’t know what I did wrong.
Need help here.


You probably need to check out javascript that detects the browser. Not sure how to embed into Webflow but that’s where I would start. Take Webflow out of the equation - create a simple HTML page upload to a server (assuming you can) and test. Then try to embed into Webflow.