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Hey there Webflow users & lovers.
I’ve already posted a message about my issue but I still need an answer :smile:
Here is my issue : I have some links like “Salt Products”, “Sugar products”, “Spicy products”.
When the user clicks on “Salt products”, I want all my salt products to appear and only the salt products (if possible with a nice animation like fade-in).
Concerning my products, I know I can create collections (for example 1 collection for salt products, 1 collection for sugar products, etc…) but then I don’t know how to display these collections/items when the user press the related link.

I hope you guys understand my issue and will be able to help me :smile:
Sorry for my bad english.

Have a nice day.

have a look at this:

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Thank you very much for you help, Mowglo and Sabanna :smile: :clap:

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Sorry Mowgli* apologize

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