Display Dropdown Selection Text On Click

Hey All,

I am using a drop-down menu to filter CMS elements in a slick slider on mobile. I have 90% of the functionality I need but need help polishing the UX. This is in reference to the slider in the “Meet Our Team” section.

  1. The desktop filter menu is a separate component. I am using an eventListener to click the “ALL” button so that, by default, all items in the CMS show. I would like this to also happen on mobile, but my eventListener is not working on the mobile version.

  2. After a user selects a filter option from the drop-down menu, I would like to menu to close (I have this working). The second thing I need to happen after click is the text from the selection needs to display in the button so that the user knows which filter is applied. I need it to function a lot like the select element in Webflow forms.

I can’t use the select element because this filtering system requires the links in the dropdown menu to contain custom code (which, to my knowledge, can’t be done with the select element). I also can’t use Finsweet Attributes because, for some reason, the slick slider blocks the attributes used for filtering.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
Here is my site Staging Link: [LINK][2]