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Display different content when multiple buttons selected

I’m looking to create a kind of build-your-own box page. There are 5 different buttons to select, and it will display different content when each button is selected and when different combinations of buttons are selected. I figured out how to do this when one button is clicked, no problem, but is there a way to show a totally different piece of content when two, or three of the buttons are selected in combination?

I also tried doing this with tabs inside of tabs, but it ended up being way too many buttons and very confusing. If anyone has any ideas, this would be a great feature to add to my site.

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Could you please edit Screenshot_2017-08-16_140811 and provide ALL the necessary details in your post so we can take a look at your site/issue?

In future if you want faster replies and more accurate answers, I suggest including all the details listed in the link above before someone has to ask.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!