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Changing an image based on a user clicking on one of many buttons?


I was wondering if there is a way to have a single image change based on the user clicking on one of many (possibly upwards of a few hundred) smaller buttons/images. In the image below the large image at top would change based on which of the smaller images at the bottom were clicked.

  • The large image would always be in the same position.
  • There would be a starter image at top until the user clicks on a lower button.
  • There would only be one large image displayed at any time.
  • When a different small button was clicked the large image would get updated to the new image.

I’m a new Webflow user and have been going through many of the YouTube videos but did not see anything along these lines yet. If there is a video or another page that covers anything similar feel free to send me that way.

Thanks for any assistance!

Welcome @JeffrySG :grinning:

You could do this effect using the tab element or click trigger interaction. :sunglasses:

Thanks VV! I’m off to look up some info on those features!

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