Discrepancy between live site and designer


updated the site on the 4th Sep. Now live and kickin’

But when I open designer the content is different.

What’s going on? Any ideas?


Hey there,

please be more specific, share screenshot, your published site and maybe even a read-only link to your designer preview. That way we can assist you :slight_smile:


Oh it’s a customer live site and I’ll rather not share it.

Let me explain the problem. On the designer the paragraph text says “Lorem ipsum”. On the live site the same paragraph says “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”.

There are none hidden elements etc.

For me it seems that the changes done on the 4th Sep have been transferred to CDN but the designer content is somehow not in sync. I haven’t seen this with other sites on my account.

Hmm that makes debugging difficult!
Try to republish, maybe load a older version from the backups and load the newest one again.

Your customer has lorem ipsum on a live site? ;D

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Lorem is just placeholder not real content. Just an example to say that in the live site the content is different. This not an issue in Designer, CSS etc. but the Webflow backend. It’s not in sync. In the live site I have text content updated 4th Sep. But the Designer brings me the page with pre-4th Sep content. OK?

Whatever and where the glitch is, I’d like to understand how this can happen.