Discount Code & Apple Pay

I need the discount code feature on a project together with Apple Pay/Web Payments and can’t find a way to get it done as it can’t get added to the cart (checkout pages only). Anyone who has done this already and can guide me to a solution?

Hi @Olexi

Currently discounts are supported only on the Checkout page. It won’t work in the Cart, but when you apply a discount on the Checkout page, you can then use the Web Payments element which should have the applied discount included.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Hi @maciejjasinski , many thanks. Yes it works if I use it on the checkout page :slight_smile:

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Hi there @maciejjasinski,

Im building an e-commerce siteI and have some trouble regarding discount and with Apple Pay. I found this post and wonder if you know why added discount in not applied to Apple Pay checkout pop up window even if it is in the checkout total summary when paying with card? Right now I’m only publishing on adress it that might cause the problem?

My best, Daniel

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