Need to add discount element to credit card order form


My client sells DIY Organizing Guides. She wants to offer a discount to her clients. I have the discount code set up and I have added the discount form field element to the Apple Pay Checkout page and the Pay Pal Checkout page and they are testing as working properly.

However, part of the Pay Pal element is a button to pay by credit card, which is absolutely necessary, but does not link to it’s own checkout page. Instead, that button activates a dropdown payment form. I cannot figure out how to add the discount form field element to that. How is that done?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Feather & Nest

BUMPING. Can anyone assist?

Hi @ktdid, the discount is added to the Paypal Checkout page, when a user puts in their credit card info in the dropdown, the transaction is not yet finalized, they will be able to enter their discount on the Paypal Checkout form that shows before the sale is finalized.

I might be misunderstanding the question, have you had a customer not be able to enter the discount code once they enter their cc info and get to the Paypal Checkout page in Webflow?

Thanks in advance

@cyberdave, There was now way to see where the credit card dropdown form would lead without actually filling it out, which I just did. I didn’t realize it would lead to the same checkout page as the PayPal button eventually does. I was confused by the difference in experience that selecting the option to pay by Apple card serves.

I’d like the checkout experience to be consistent and on-brand no matter which payment method a user chooses. Any talk of that becoming a possibility?

And, thanks much for helping me get there. We can send those emails out!

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