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Disable Single Pages For Collections


I was wondering if there was a way to disable the single pages that Webflow generates for the collections. I have a collection called “providers” that editors use as a reference in their “product” collection. It’s so they can tag a provider to the relevant product.

However, I don’t want to created a page for each item in the “provider” collection, which is what Webflow normally does. Is there a way to stop Webflow from generating a page for items in a specific collection? I searched around a bit and didn’t find anything.

For now I’ve just added some rules to the robots.txt that disallows crawlers from indexing anything in the /provider/* directory, and I’ll prolly set up some redirects I guess.

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This is the current solution. I think the wishlist has a pending request for this.

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Thanks for the answer! I’ll see if I can find the wishlist item so I can vote on it.