Disable scroll for page, but not for mobile nav [Finsweet Attributes ONLY]

Hi Everyone,

I have a bit of a issue, its going to be for both mobile nav, and other areas of the site i’m working on.

I am looking for a solution that would: Disable scroll for page wrapper/body, but leave the mobile nav scrollable, whilst the nav is position fixed.

Does anyone have a solution for this, or some custom code I could use?



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hi @Dylan_O_Connell I believe there are solutions with help of custom code on this forum. You can use search input on top right corner of this forum. As this request is more for browser global functionality there is many sources on internet where you will find “how to” principles .


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Thanks a bunch Stan, Ill read through it now. I was using FInsweet attributes with a conditional attribute (Preserve) on the div I still want to be scrollable, and thats working when the div is position absolute, but for some reason not when position fixed. Maybe i’m just missing something. Ill defiantly give that thread a read though and drop an update in here if I manage to find a work around.

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So I found the issue Stan! Such a silly little thing.

Just going to update it here for anyone who tries to find a solution in the future.

So for the disable scroll I used Finsweet attributes, follow the instructions here: Disable Scroll for Webflow - No-code using Attributes

Then for the position fixed with scroll enabled (with or without the attributes), you are going to want to set the element you want to be scrollable to overflow “Scrollbar always shows for overflowing content” or “auto”. See image bellow.

Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 09.00.25

You should then have a scrollable div with position fixed. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget, if you’re using the attributes to disable scroll, but still wanting your fixed element to be scrollable, whether thats for a nav, a menu or whatever, you need to add the “preserve” attribute from the finsweet link to the same div you set the overflow to auto or always show scrollbar.

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