Disable Form when limit is reached

How can I disable form submissions when my plans limit is reached? I don’t want to pay a lot of money if, let’s say, I get spammed with robot submissions.

Manually is the only way or choose a third party form processor that has better terms for your needs.

Oh, that’s a shame. Seems like a handy thing to have. But I guess it’s an easy way for Webflow to make money… :roll_eyes:

Yeah they’d be rolling in it at $0.01 per extra form submit. :rofl:

Tell you what, I’d pay a penny per lead any day.

You get charged $1 per 100. If you use them or not. If this happens to 1000 people per month, they get $1000. It would be easy to have an option to disable this but it seems like they deliberately don’t do this. I stand by my opinion that it’s an easy money grab and not very customer friendly.

Of course, $0.01 per lead is great, but it’s not guaranteed that those are all leads. They could also be bots or whatever.

I don’t get why people just dismiss a, to me, valid concern.

I really can’t imagine anyone wanting Webflow to reject webform leads. To me that falls into the “waste of dev hours” category. So many other features I’d rather they invest my $10k/yr in.

I did have a good laugh imagining the custom-branded form error message though…
“Sorry we don’t want your business. Go away.”

if you’re really worried about spam, the CAPTCHA feature is your champion.

If you’re really worried about going over your form submission count, and don’t want to pay $0.01 per lead, there are a lot of other form handlers and providers you can use. Hundreds of them, many free. Google forms does a good job.

Point is, if the built in Webflow forms provider doesn’t work the way you want it too, that’s fine. Pick another one. The web is great that way.