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Difficulty of Designing the websites for different devices

@kimAllen did this answer your question? :wink:

Yes that is sufficient for me to understand what I was looking for

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Okay @kimAllen Sorry for all the extra confusion. :grinning::blush:

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Hey, Vlad, I read the posts you guys linked and I just have this question for VW/VH. Let’s say, my home page has 5 sections and you need to scroll down to see the whole page. How does VW/WH work here? For VW, I can put VW 100 for each section and that means" for every section, it extend to 100% of the viewport width". However, for VH, does that mean, the VH of all 5 sections have to be added to 100? For example, section 1 VH 20, Section 2 VH 20, Section 3 VH 20, Section 4 VH 20, Section 5 WH 20? When you scroll down a page, doesn’t that mean you are jumping out of the previous viewport since the previous viewport cannot accommodate all contents?

Sorry for the question since I am still quite confused about it.

@supermoose I think what you are trying to ask is how to get 5 sections that all fill up the whole monitor size. Am I correct? Please correctly if I am not. :grinning: To do this you would set each section to 100vw and 100vh. And so what this means is that each section will be 100% of the monitor both width and height wise. Once again correct me if this was not your question. :wink:

Yes! This is exactly my question!! Let me test it and see how it affects the original sizes of my sections! EXCITED!

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@supermoose Great! Be sure to ask any questions you might have. :grinning:

You are my sunlight! If you don’t mind, i am afraid that I will have to keep disturbing you :blush:

Since you guys told me to use VH/VW, I am redesigning all my sections. For each section, I was playing with all the paddings and margins, and god, it was awful since I had to play different numbers to put the container/headings/textboxs/images to the positions I want.

So now I have a question, when I drag a container in a section, it is automatically located in the middle. After that, I drag both headings and textbook into that container. How do I move the whole container to the left side (I want it to align with the above section) without playing the padding/margin numbers? I don’t know if playing padding/margin will mess the VW/VH as I am putting every section to 100.


@supermoose As I am aware there are no ways to uncenter a container. This is what you have div blocks for and the VW/VH system will come into great use here. :wink: How about you send me a public share link and I’ll see what I can do. :grinning: If you want you can send me a private message with the share link so we can keep the conversation going and not disturb this solved post anymore. :grinning::wink::blush::smile:

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