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Different timer delays per slide in slider component

My fellow designers!

I’m developing a tv screen dashboard with a big slider. I want to use different timings for different slides. So slide 1 might show for 10 seconds while slide 2 and 3 only show 5 seconds. Is there a way to do this? Or a workaround.

Thanks in advance!


In some cases yes. You can set a base time interval of 5 seconds, then duplicate the slides that needs to show up for 10 seconds. Chose the Fade animation, and if there’s not too much motion on your slides, if they’re pretty much static, then it’s not noticeable. If the slides are animated, make something happen shortly before the 5000ms mark to account for the fading to the duplicate slide.

Edit: also you can custom craft a slider using Interactions. You’ll then be able to set delays exactly. But it can be long and challenging to make, difficult to maintain and edit, because you tend to forget exactly what you did, and you’re going to have to deal with a lot of added delays (make a draft on paper).

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for thinking along. I actually thought of the fade in solution, but the longest slides contain a video. So the only way this would work is by splitting the video in 2 or 3. I might go for this solution for version 1 and create a custom slider later on.


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