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Slight Color Change with fixed Div in Chrome

In Chrome a fixed div background darkens slightly to its hexcolor.

Body bg-color is: #2b2b2b
Fixed header bg-color is: #2b2b2b

This is how it is rendered:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @wedo,

Hi honestly can’t see the difference :slight_smile: But this is weird indeed. Did you use a global color applied to both body background color and your fixed header background color ?

Hi @anthonysalamin

I did not use global color. But I tested it right now and I got the same issue with global colors.

On my Macbook Pro Retina I can see the slight color change very well.
I cranked up the contrast of the screenshot, so you can see it too:

I had a quick look at your read-only link, everything seems fine indeed. Not sure why you experience this colour variation. Kind of look like the fixed header has some kind of overlay effect but no such thing was setup, strangely.


Did you try with a slightly different color to see if the bug reproduces ?

Yes! I tried some other colors too. Really strange ………

Anybody knows whats wrong here?

Mod Edit: This is not a Webflow bug, but rather a browser issue. You should report this to the chromium dev team.

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