Different quantity of items

Hello beautiful people,

I´m doing the page that includes questions. The quantity of the questions is different for each page. I can´t just put it all together in the text block because of the design of that section (above). For the moment I just created 7 (max quantity of questions) separated rich text fields. Thinking now, I need to create 7 separated image fields for number, if not, numbers will be always visible, even when I don´t have questions.

There is some way to do it better?

Here is read-only link, maybe it can help undestrand my question, but for the moement it´s static page…

Thank you in advance.

Your site is using a CMS, so it’s much easier for you to store your questions there.
You would then use a CollectionList to pull the questions you want into your page.


  • Use a Rich Text field for the question content, so that you can get clean paragraph spacing on multi-paragraph text.
  • Use a Number field for your question number.
  • Sort the list on that Number, ascending
  • Display that number, inside of a DIV, to style your circled numbers. You shouldn’t need an image for that.

Oh yes, I didn´t think that I can create a Number field for my question number. Thank you so much!!! I will try.

Yes and you can make your circled numbers easily too.