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Quantity of Reference Items

Hello everyone, what would you do?

I have some Products and some Products-Sets. On the Product-Set you can click the individual elements and you come to the Collection Products-Page. For both i have already a CMS Collection but here is the thing:

My Sets have a variable number of products and of the amount of these products
Like: 10x A 4x B and 1x C

My workaround at the moment is following:

  • Collection Products - all information about the product self
  • Collection of Product-sets - Reference to Product, Reference to Product-setspage and the amount.
    Select your Product: A
    Select the Amount: 4
    Select for which set: Set B
  • Collection Product-setspage - All information about this set with a collection list of the set

I have around 50 Sets. So this solution is really not the best.
My dream would be to include this information into the Product-Setspage. A Multi-Reference is possible already but what about the amount of every reference?

Any Idea how you would solve this?