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Different interactions for Desktop, Tablet, Mobail

Hi, WebFlow-masters! Different interactions for Desktop, Tablet, Mobail - possible? How to do it?

By duplication of the element that need to be animated.

Set a copy to only appear on desktop (on the settings tab) and give it appropriate interaction)
Set a copy only for tablet… etc etc


This is a bad way. There is no other?

Hi Sergey, we agree, we would like to have interactions also separated by breakpoints as well, but we have not had time yet to update this to the platform. At the moment, the best way to achieve this, is to use the duplication method as @vincent has suggested. I hope this helps, we understand this would be very useful to add to the interface :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

@cyberdave wow – that was not a fun experience making the dupes, and I’m sure it’s left some messy CSS. I hope this issue quickly makes it’s way up the food chain (after CMS of course ;))

Thanks for the heads-up on how to work-around.