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Different and prettier Website Maps?

Hey guys! I was wondering if you could tell me how some websites have such a pretty map displayed and where can i find/use this. Are they google maps skins? Would like to add it to webflow :slight_smile:

Example: Still in Berlin


Olá Maria

You can try Snazzy Maps

If you search the Forum for snazzy there are quite a few threads that can help you.

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Yay! Obrigada Filipa :slight_smile:

Hi, Maria!

For your purposes, Google Maps widget by Elfsight is perfect.
You can create as many markers as you want for your map. In addition, you can change the style of every icon and add one of the three animation types (in the picture below you can see the example with USA cities with the “default” style).

At the same setup page, you can add description, picture and basic info (address, site, phone number, email and working hours) for each location.

As you can see in the picture, not every map location is displayed right on the map at the same time, the full list of places you can see is on the Location List. This is another useful option.

Also the map will look great on any device, our widget is suitable for any screen resolutions.

Try demo here.

It is also very easy to add Google Maps widget to a Webflow website. You can do it in three steps:

  1. Create your personal Google Maps
  2. After you are done, you will get several lines of code. Copy it
  3. Integrate the widget into the right place and publish the edits

You will find the full instruction here.

I’d recommend you to try out this product and have a look at all of its capabilities.


Thanks for your answer! Sorry for the late reply.
Although its handy, it is still not super pretty! (I’m more a designer than a programmer so i want things to be beautiful). Maybe i’m just wondering if there are super cool alternative maps we could add to our website or so, snazzy maps does a good job but they cant be the only ones!

Take a look at Mapbox or