Desperately need help with a "bug" in an interaction... I'm at my wits end


I’ve provided a share link below, can anyone help, please?

Here’s the issue:

  • I have two pages: “Home” and “Product Test”.

  • In each of these pages there’s a section at the bottom, called “Section Product Grid” where there’s a product card which, when clicked on, opens a product drawer (the class name for this element is “drawer-wrapper”).

Everything works… Except…

Step 1) When I first log in (or return to my Dashboard and then go back to the project), immediately preview and head to the “Bomber Jackets” page from the nav, and click the product card for this in the Product Grid section for Bomber Jackets, the product drawer does not open!

If I then click on Bomber Jackets in the nav again (i.e, reload the page), while in the Bomber Jackets (Product Test) page preview, it works!

Repeat Step 1)
If I come out of preview in the Bomber Jackets (Product Test) page and preview again. It works!

Strangely, if I log in / return to Dashboard and go back to the project, then immediately click to go to the Product Test page from the Navigator on the left. And then preview. It works!

(There are no issues like this with the product drawer interaction on the Home page)

Why would this be happening? Please can someone help.

Thank you so much in advance.

I tried making the Product Test page (the page with the issue in question) the Home page and tested it again. This time the problem reversed… i.e. No issues on the new Home (old Product Test) but the problem started occurring on the Old Home page…

Does this mean I need to build two separate versions of the product drawer, one for each page?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Toggery

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