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Designing Fashion Collection Page With CMS

Hi, here is a link to my site and public sharing link.

My question is for this page

As you scroll down a bit, there are clothing items. One on left and one on right, again and again.
This page, I did it to show my idea to my customer and they seem to like it.

So my question is “Can I do this part of the page as CMS Collection w/out losing design?”

When I try to do this kind of stuff with CMS Collection, everything is too simple like; every dynamic item has to be on the right or left meaning every item will look same.

Or I have to add everything manually one by one.

Is there any way I can do this with CMS?

I haven’t tried it but this might be what you are looking for. Without coding or doing them one at a time no you can’t.

The stage link is not working and it is a custom a code so I can not see the effect in preview mode(probably). I should figure this out. there should be a way of doing CMS items in alternating fashion. Otherwise, it’s ordinary. Webflow is about designing but this is restricting design. hope there is a way around this.

Anyone, Who can help?