Design layout - background behind wrapper

Hi all!

To achieve the following design I created 2 different grids - one for the background in the back and one more in the absolute that goes inside a wrapper of 1440px … For it to work well I gave a height of 40vh for both grids but actually I want to achieve something else - that the height of both will grow according to content, without Fixed height …

Does anyone have any other idea how I can achieve this design in a better way?

Here is my site Read-Only:


Are you talking about the ‘section blog’? If yes, can you elaborate and show (screen shot) us “Before & After” of what you are trying to achieve?


Yes Moshe. actually i try to find a better way to design this section.
try to resize the window on ‘section blog’ - you can see the text on the right side is cut off…

The read only link return 404 error :frowning:

check this one:

@shokoaviv is it works for you?

Yes. I’ll check it later… :slight_smile:


It is all about typography :slight_smile: