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Created the shape in Adobe XD, exported it and added to Web Flow as an image. Not entirely sure if that is the best process. Got the shape to (appear) to work fine but can’t figure out the proper way to get the text on top. Attached two images, one is correct from the XD design file, one is the incorrect one from webflow. Not sure how to do this properly, need to get the text on top of the triangle and have it responsive. Tried adding container > div block> header > paragraph ----doesn’t seem to be working properly.

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Hi Gabrielle! Welcome to the forum! What you’re looking for can be achieved using the positioning property. Your structure would look something like this:

[div container, full width, position: relative]
_[div container, half width, position: absolute]
__text / other content

I recommend checking out the Position content on Webflow University for a breakdown of how all of this works. Hope this helps!

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