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Design and Preview Mode Differences

Hi there,

I’m new to this and I’m a graphic designer and I don’t have much web design experience. But I’m working on a website and the layout I’m getting in design mode sometimes changes dramatically when I change to preview mode… Most times the objects will just be much further up or down on the page, but in some cases the font settings are even different… Not sure why this is happening or how to fix this, so if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi emily, is it possible for you to share your public project link? (here is article on how to share that public link:

And then the forum community can help to check and give you some advice on this.

Yes! Here is the public link -


Hi, can you give an example of an element in your site, that looks different between design and preview mode? To me the site preview seems to be working normally. Maybe you can make two screenshots and upload those here? one in design mode and one of same in preview and where it does not look correct.