Deleting Span Deletes Entire Element

When I select a span within a paragraph, then hit Delete, it deletes the entire paragraph.

Is there anyway to get it to just delete the span?

Additional Information: I’ve got a paragraph, and I’ve created an inline link with special formatting, and I want to delete the inline link – without having to double click in side the paragraph and select the text (that can be just a tad tricky when the text is really small).

Thank you!

There are several elements that act that way, and it is infuriating.

For that, I believe the only option I’ve found is to position the cursor in the text and backspace the span away, then retype.

Hello there,

Since span is not a node you can add from Add Panel it is strictly connected to the parent node which is a paragraph in your case. If you want to remove certain span node, please edit the paragraph by double-clicking it and remove the text that was once wrapped with span tags.

You can also edit the node and select the text that includes the span, then use the clear formatting button.

Hope this helps :wink:


While there is a workaround that @bart pointed out, it certainly feels like unexpected default behavior, so we’re treating it as a bug internally. Hoping to have better UX around this interaction soon :smiley:


I’m finding span to format text extremely buggy, some spans are not selectable at all so it’s impossible to clear formatting. New formatting is sometimes not applied and the only way to make tweaks is to start from scratch!

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I don’t think deleting text wrapped in span from a text element should delete the parent. The span wrapped text is, in itself, it’s own element that should operate independently of the parent. Multiple times I’ve accidentally deleted much more than I intended when attempting to rid of a text span in Webflow.

Please consider this adjustment. Here is a post from over a year ago that states this is being treated as a bug. I look forward to a “fix” in that case, as I run into this speed bump all the time.


Hi @ctrav, thanks for bring this back up, I have checked into this and the issue is still open, however I have reached out to the dev team, as soon as I have more info, I will get back with an update.

Thanks in advance!


any progress towards a better solution to deleting text?

Hi @Rocky4OnDVD

We don’t have any updates on this one at this time. To delete a text span you will still need to double click into the text element, select the portion you want to remove and delete.

We will post back here as soon as we have an update for this one.

3 years later and still no solution?

Yeah, Webflow is awesome overall, don’t get me wrong, but there are enough bugs like this that are still not fixed that add up to headaches. Frustrating. I have heard from them that they are possibly working on an editor overhaul, so hopefully these kinds of bugs will be included in that. :crossed_fingers: