Spans contain non breaking space

I have a few text spans with the same class that were working fine up until today, but suddenly they’re reverting to the containing style. When inspecting, it shows <span&nbsp;class="pullout-stat"> which I’m guessing is either a bug, or I’ve done something scripty to cause it!

You can see an example on the word “organically” my “winby” page about half way down, next to the client’s photo. It shows fine in the builder, but not when published.

Many thanks

read only:

Maybe this is a bug - the best idea is to “get rid” from the empty span (Write inside this span “hello” than remove the span and remove the “hello” text).


You can report this bug by email (No way to solve this issue by forum Q). Anyway, this issue is very minor.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately deleting and replacing it doesn’t work, even deleting the entire text element. I’ll try email support.

I have answered your ticket. Something in the custom added code caused this strange behavior.

Thanks jorn, I’ve figured out it was a script to avoid widows, it must have been adding the spaces to span tags too.

Hi all,

I found a workaround to delete an empty span.

  1. Select the span
  2. Right click on the element + Move to parent
  3. Now you can delete it.